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The chain-link mesh is made of high quality wire. It is characterized by ease of handling, resistance to physical stress and durability. Due to its reliability and simplicity, the galvanized mesh netting will serve you for more than a dozen years. That is why it is often used in construction and landscaping.
The chain-link mesh is used in construction and everyday life. A wicker mesh fence is practical and convenient (for example, in a country house, where ease of installation and the absence of shade areas are appreciated).
The fine mesh is used for the production of cages in animal farms, poultry houses and rabbitries. At industrial enterprises, partitions and protective partitions are made from chain-link. A chain-link with a small cell (up to 20mm) is used in construction for plaster reinforcement, when installing self-leveling floors, for reinforcing the thermal insulation of heating main pipes.
For reinforcement, plastering or other tasks that do not involve direct contact of the mesh with the environment, a black mesh is used without coating (some call it "light").
Also, the wicker mesh is used for fencing tennis courts, sports grounds, thermal insulation works, fastening mine workings in mines and mines, sifting materials, securing earthen slopes.
A chain-link made of wire with various coatings looks aesthetically pleasing. The most common mesh is a chain-link made of galvanized wire. It is the least susceptible to corrosion, aesthetically pleasing, and the price of a galvanized mesh is quite acceptable. The nets made of galvanized wire last 3 times longer than non-galvanized nets.
The chain-link mesh can be conditionally divided into two classes:
• Standard (made of wire GOST 3282-74 with a diameter of 2.5 mm to 0.9 mm and cells from 15x15 to 55x55
• Non-standard (combines a certain wire diameter and cell size based on the technological features of production)
Grid Chain-link made of steel wire (galvanized) in rolls of 10 -20m2 - wire diameter from 0.9 to 2.5 mm - height from 1.0 to 2.0 m - cell from 15x15 to 55x55 mm.
• 5 years on the market for the production of wire mesh
• Possibility to organize delivery within Uzbekistan
• Discounts are provided to wholesale buyers
• Execution of orders according to individual sizes
• Quality products on our own equipment
Steel wire is used to make mesh, nails, ropes and many other household items. Steel wire can be reinforcing, knitting, spring, welding, in a printing house for sewing cardboard, boxes, newspapers, etc. diameter from GOST 3282-74